Terms and conditions



1. The parts and labour itemised on the invoice, are guaranteed from defect for (unless otherwise stated) 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first) from the date of the invoice, with the exclusions of damage arising from the customer/third party interference, routine wear and tear, negligence, abuse and accidental damage. In the event of a potential claim, you should notify us immediately where upon the defect will be assessed and may be repaired, or the parts replaced free of charge providing the exclusions do not apply. Your statutory rights are not affected.

2. Estimates are effective for 28 days after which they become invalid. Should 28 days expire from the date of issue, the company reserves the right to change, amend or withdraw the estimate.

3. Estimates requested for any work that requires visual inspection and/or stripping down of components in order to establish the exact fault, will not be binding and will be subject to change if as a result of the inspection, further repairs are necessary.

4. Every endeavour will be taken by the company to complete any work within the anticipated time, however should a job be delayed due to unforeseen problems discovered during the work, or component parts being unavailable from a supplier, then the company will notify the customer at the earliest opportunity but not be liable for any compensation for any delay how so ever caused.

5. Any parts fitted that are supplied by the customer are not covered by our guarantee terms.

6. Unless otherwise agreed, all parts used will adhere to the manufacturers service schedule and warranty and will be of “original equipment” (OE) standard-ensuring all manufacturers warranties are validated.

7. The customer has the option to postpone or cancel any job booked with the company prior to commencement of the work at no cost to the customer. However, should the job of started, then any cost incurred by the company at that point, plus any additional costs incurred, to reassemble the vehicle for collection, must be paid by the customer.

8. Should the company have cause to postpone or cancel any job booked in by a customer, prior to commencement of the work then there will be no liability of the company to compensate the customer.

9. The ownership of any parts fitted will remain the property of the company until all relevant invoices have been paid in full.

10. The company reserves the right to ask for a deposit for high value repairs or any work that requires special order parts to be ordered prior to the work commencing. Such deposit would be deducted from the final invoice value.

11. Customers are expected to collect their vehicles within 24 hours of notification of completion, unless otherwise agreed prior to work starting. Should a vehicle not be collected and paid for within this time, then a daily storage charge may be applied to the final invoice at the rate of £20 per day plus VAT.

12. The company will inspect all customer vehicles for any existing damage on receipt of the vehicle, noting any damage on the job sheet. The company will not be liable for any such damage noted.

13. All parts removed from the vehicle by the company in the course of a repair shall, if not claimed within 24 hours after the completion of the repair, be deemed to be wholly abandoned to the company and they shall become the company’s absolute property to dispose of accordingly.

14. No alteration or qualification to these terms and conditions shall be acceptable unless supported by written authorisation of the director. No other person has the authority to amend, alter or qualify these printed conditions.

15. Unless otherwise specifically requested by the customer, all work carried out on a vehicle will comply with current EU Block Exemption regulations and/or the vehicle manufacturers minimum service schedule specifications.

16. Payment in full is required for all works carried out on a customer vehicle prior to collection unless otherwise agreed. VAT is charged at the current rate applicable.